Building Overview


Bridgebury Realty Corporation

The Zuellig Building is a project of Bridgebury Realty Corporation, an affiliate of the Zuellig Group.

The beginnings of the Zuellig Group go back to 1901, when Frederick E. Zuellig sailed to Manila in search of business opportunities. He joined a Swiss trading house and soon proved to be a capable merchant. In the 1910s he became a partner in Lutz & Co., a firm with a history of trading in the Philippine Islands since the 1860s. In 1922, he took over the firm and incorporated it as F. E. Zuellig, Inc. After the devastation of World War II, his sons, Dr. Stephen Zuellig and Gilbert Zuellig, rebuilt the business in the Philippines and developed a dynamic international group of companies.

Backed by a century of business experience in the Asia-Pacific region, the Zuellig Group operates a diversified federation of professionally managed businesses, with key interests in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and materials handling equipment, industrial solutions, insurance and property.

As the developer and owner of the Zuellig Building, Bridgebury Realty Corporation holds true to the firm’s basic values of reliability, pragmatism and world-class performance.